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Postural Problems

Postural Problems

Few of us are likely to conclude that we have perfect posture. Most of us probably spend too much time slumped at our laptop, staring at a screen at work or stand slouched, as it ‘feels more comfortable’.

Modern Technology doesn’t help

In today’s modern technological world, we have become more sedentary, we sit longer, rely more heavily on gadgets, cars, mobiles and computers. Children follow suit from an early age and attend our clinic better versed at the use of an iPad than most of our staff.

Sit-stand desks

We are simply not designed to be as sedentary as we are living today. Not only does this impact heavily on our skeleton and muscles, but our heart, lungs, digestion and indeed our spirit and emotional wellbeing too. Many large companies are starting to take this on board, introducing sit-stand desks and getting staff moving more, but a lot more needs to be done for us to stay fit and healthy.

Centre of gravity and posture

Our body has an ‘ideal’ centre of gravity. Too long away from this ideal means that the joints change the alignment they are designed to be in as they are pushed or pulled from the centre. When this happens, instead of the bony part of the spine, designed to take the loading taking it, the soft tissues and muscles are forced too. Even this balance in the muscular system is then also not balanced as the load does not fall evenly resulting in some muscles working really hard and for long periods and others not working much at all. Muscles then become fatigued and this can cause pain and stiffness.

Many of the common problems that I see in clinic, like back pain and headaches, often have a postural component to them. I will work to assess your posture, alongside your condition and identify areas of muscle weakness and overload and then use techniques like osteopathy, massage, orthotic prescription and exercise to gently and effectively restore you back to health. My aim is to work in partnership with you to help you achieve your goals.