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Trapped Nerves

Trapped nerves tend to be one of the most painful conditions we see in clinic. Nerves can become trapped as they pass through narrowed spaces, like the spinal canals or under/between muscles and bones. Most trapped nerves tend to cause pain in the arms or the legs, but they can occur in other areas too. A nerve pain is often described as sharp, shooting or burning and can also present as pins-and-needles or numbness and weakness in an area. The pain can vary from being mild to severe. Some of the more common entrapments include sciatica, which causes pain down the leg, or brachial plexus entrapment which causes pain in the arm.

How Osteopathy can help

It is important that we assess both why the nerve has become trapped or irritated and where. To do this a full history and examination is carried out by your osteopath which will include testing how your nerves function. Treatment, if appropriate, will aim to reduce spasm and to take pressure off the nerve. We will also focus on teaching you how you can help to lessen symptoms and what to do in your daily routine. Exercises may also be given to reduce your symptoms and to increase your mobility.